Reinforced gasket paper, thickness 1,50 mm, dimensions sheet 140 x 195 mm

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Reinforced gasket paper, thickness 1,50 mm, dimensions sheet 140 x 195 mm

Ideal for making your own gaskets. These sheets of packing paper are available in various thicknesses and dimensions so that a packing can always be made.

Reinforced or armoured gasket paper is a high-quality product used to prevent leakage and provide a good seal between two or more surfaces. Our reinforced/reinforced gasket paper is particularly suitable for applications such as automotive exhaust gaskets and cylinder gaskets. This type of gasket paper is reinforced with a layer of metal foil, stainless steel and graphite, which gives it extra strength and flexibility. This makes it more resistant to high temperatures and pressures and makes it suitable for applications where high performance and reliability are required, such as in the automotive and petrochemical industries. Our reinforced/reinforced gasket paper is manufactured with high-quality materials such as stainless steel and graphite, resulting in a reliable and durable solution for all your gasket needs. Our experienced staff can help you find the right gasket solution for your specific application and can guide you through the entire process, from product design to delivery.

- Oil resistant
- Fuel resistant
- Not easy to cut
- Asbestos free
- Resistant up to 350 ° Celsius

Technical description
Asbestos-free gasket material, consisting of two plates of high-quality pressed packing material based on aramid fibers and the like bonded with synthetic NBR rubber.

Between the two plates is a perforated steel reinforcement plate of 0.25 mm.

A soft graphite treatment has been applied to the outer plates.

Gasket material excellent for high temperatures and pressure.

Very suitable for connections that are subject to high clamping and working pressures.
such as cylinder head gaskets, manifold gaskets and exhaust gaskets.

Properties after immersion in fluids
- Increase in thickness in oil ≤ 10\% ASTM F-146
- Increase in thickness in fuel ≤ 5\% ASTM F-146
- Increase in thickness Water / Glyc. ≤ 20\% ASTM F-146


Height (mm) 195
Width (mm) 140
Thickness (mm) 1,50
Colour Dark gray
Oil resistant Yes
Fuel resistant Yes
Easy cut No
Material CS-4700R
Max temp (°C) 350
Density (g/cm³) 2,20
Tensile strength 500 Kp/cm²

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