Elring Curil T2 Profipress (270 C) liquid gasket kit, green, 200 ml

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New! The environmentally friendly replacement for the old Curil T and K2.

Liquid gasket of all kinds should be part of your workshop equipment. For a lot of work on the engine and gearbox, you will also need liquid gaskets in addition to loose gaskets.

There are several types of liquid gasket, some gaskets are for a specific purpose and some, are universally applicable.

Elring Curil T2 green gasket
This green Curil T2 gasket is a non-hardening gasket material, extremely suitable for mating surfaces, especially crankcase halves of engine and gearbox. In addition, this gasket is recommended by Volkswagen for use under the cylinder head nuts of the water boxers (WBX). Also applicable for all other applications for which you could also use the gray or blue gasket, but with the great advantage that due to the non-hardening properties, no remnants of cured gasket material end up in the crankcase. With every professional engine builder this is the gasket that will always be present.

Elring Curil T2 is a permanently plastical, solvent-free sealing compound with excellent adhesion to sealing surfaces. As it contains no solvents, no airing time is required.

Due to its thermal and chemical resistance, it is particularly suitable as a universal sealant for complicated sealing joints and applications for easy dismantling.

Resistant to:
Mineral oils (including additives), synthetic oils, Lubricating grease, Coolants, cold and hot water, salt water , cleaning agents, weak acids and alkalis, fuel

Possible applications:
Oil pan, water pump, oil pump, differential housing, gearbox, gear oil sump, thermostat housing, control housing, axle cover, flange connection In general all application, which need an easy removal

In 200 ml profipress Compressed gas cartridge.


Colour Green
Oil resistant Yes
Fuel resistant Yes
Max temp (°C) +270 °C (24u)
Max continuous temp (°C) -55 to +250
Chemical basis Polyurethane
Components single component
Maximum sealing gap 0,2 mm
Density (g/cm³) 1,08 ± 0,1
volume 200 ml
Curing No curing
pH value Neutral
Tensile strength 0,034 N/mm²

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